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Saturday, January 15, 2011

"Angam" the movie featuring:

G. Karunapala
(Grand Master / Gurunnanse of Angampora – Founder of Mirihana Angam Maduwa)

The guru, who has been living and breathing the traditional martial art Angampora well over half a century and now on a grand mission of making a bunch of knowledgeable and well behaved Angampora artists around the world. Guru Karunapala, now over 74 years of age is a true living example of a healthy traditional Sri Lankan martial artist. He will be taking you through the uniqueness of this art and showcasing some stunning demonstrations of his Angam skills.

Dr. Siran Upendra Deraniyagala
(Archeologist / Former Director General of Archeology Sri Lanka)

A renowned archeologist / scholar from University of Cambridge, London and Harvard, Dr. Deraniyagala was responsible for finding many historic data which made historians to re write the Sri Lankan and the world history.  He is the son of famous Dr. P.E.P Deraniyagala, who wrote a special segment about “Angampora” in his book “Sinhalaye Thrasajanaka Kreeda” (Sinhala combative, field and aquatic sports and games). Dr. Siran Deraiyagala will take you through some interesting facts about the history of Sri Lanka while the story of “Angam” unravels through the folk tales.

Dr. Riency Wickramasinghe
(Ayurvedic Doctor / Angampora Master) 

A renowned Ayurvedic doctor and an Angampora master, who has been practicing together with Guru Karunapala over fifty years. He too has been involved in the mission of spreading this ancient art to the world along with his lifelong friend Kaunapala.  Dr. Riency has also contributed his wisdom about this art to this documentary.

Athula Nandana Perera
(Senior Student of Guru Karunapala)

Athula is one of the most senior students of Guru Karunapala who has been studying over 34 years. This simple and humble martial artist is also a self learned specialist of Sri Lankan history through folk tales and research. He will be sharing his knowledge on the origin of Angampora through the film.

Oliver Hermann
(Angampora Student / Teacher – Founder of German Angam Maduwa)

A dedicated champion martial artist and a researcher from Germany, who is an IT specialist by profession has finally made a stop at “Angampora” after decades of search as the answer to his inner quest. He now travels to Sri Lanka, dedicating his valuable time to learn from Guru Karunapala and share the wisdom with his fellow artists back in German and Switzerland. Oliver will be telling you how he fell in love with “Angampora” and his vision of taking this unique art to the world with the help of Guru Karunapala and his students.