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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Angam the movie - Trailer 1

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

About "Angam" the movie

“Angam” is a documentary film, exploring an ancient Sri Lankan martial art called “Angam” which is also known as “Angampora” in the popular culture.

The film will take you through an untold story of the origin of Angam, along with the evolution of Sri Lankans through traditional folk stories of locals and scientific findings of archeologists. It will also give you an overview of how Angam has survived up till today and what will be its' future.

The film unravels around one group who practices and teaches Angampora, headed by Guru Karunapala. Students of Guru have spread this unique martial art form in to far corners of the world, ensuring its' presence in the international arena.

Renowned archaeologist & former head of Archaeology Department of Sri Lanka, Dr. Shiran Deraniyagala, is featured in this film, contributing valuable  scientific findings on the origin of Sri Lankans.

“Angam” documentary film was produced under very tight or no financial backup and very limited technical resources. Though these factors resulted few limitations in terms of the scope of the film, the film makers have managed to achieve greater results with available resources. The entire project was filmed by an HD Panasonic camcorder and edited on home PC’s and Laptops. It was the film teams' high enthusiasm, the "never-say-die" attitude and every form of encouragement of our friends which enabled the near-impossible to be a reality and end up with an documentary film of this scale.

"Angam" the movie
©2010 Anjula Rasanga Weerasinghe / everanju Creations


Monday, December 20, 2010

Making of "Angam" the movie

    Having a chat with the senior student Athula Nanadana Perera.

    Interviewing Thusitha, son of Guru Karunapala.

    Lalindra in action

   Guru Karunapala referring to ancient "Puskola poth"

    Anuradha through the third eye

    Piumal explaining the weapons

    Guru Karunapala giving a lesson on "Welayudaya"

    Tea time: Having a chat during a break

    Anuradha Jayasuriya and Anjula Rasanga

    Guru Karunapala teaching

    Dr. Riency Wickramasinghe demonstrating a "Gaman thala"

    Guru Karunapala demonstration "Ath sellam"

    Cinematographer, Director and the Editor together
    Anuradha  |  Anjula Rasanga   |  Amila Akalpa

    Interviewing Oliver the Sudu Kotiya

    Preparing for a take: Anuradha Jayasuriya, Lalindra Amarasekara and Anjula Rasanga

    Shooting an action scene: Anuradha, Lalindra and Eranga Hemajith

    Anjula Rasanga with the two masters


    Climbing down from "Batadomba len"  

     Anuradha Jayasuriya and Eranga Hemajith with Dr. Siran Deraniyagala

     Anuradha and Anjula Rasanga with Dr. Siran Deraniyagala

The team Angam: (From left) Oliver Herman, Athula Nandana, Piumal Chanaka, Amila Akalpa, Guru Karunapala, Anuradha Jayasuriya, Eranga Hemajith, Anjula Rasanga and Lalindra Amarasekara.

   "Angam" the movie
   ©2010 Anjula Rasanga Weerasinghe / everanju Creations

The Team "Angam"

  Special Thanks to:
  Marsh Dodanwela 
  Dr. Siran Deranaiyagala
  G. Karunapala
  Sudarshi Hewawasam
  Dr. Riency Wickramasinghe
  Oliver Hermann
  G. Thusitha Padmakumara
  Athula Nandana Perera
  Piumal Chanaka Edirisinghe

  Oliver Jungmann 
  Siripala Hettige

And to all our family members, friends at Mirihana / German Angama Maduwa and for all the friends who supported us throughout the project to make it a successful reality.

Editor / VFX
   Amila Akalpa Perera

   Anuradha Jayasuriya

   Producer / Asst Director
   Eranga Hemajith

Music / Producer / Asst Director
   Lalindra Amarasekara

   Executive Producer / Director
   Anjula Rasanga Weerasinghe


   "Angam" the movie
   ©2010 Anjula Rasanga Weerasinghe / everanju Creations